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© Ai Zhu
- "With a Servant's Heart" -

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3315 Cardiff Cr., Burlington, ON, Canada L7M 3X7
Bible Version 1.0 (released August 10, 2007)
Hymns and Carols vs 1.0 (released July 1, 2008)

Thank you for taking the time to look at this software. For English speakers, I hope that you will find it useful in helping you to communicate Christ more effectively in the Chinese Language. Each component -- Bible, Chinese Christian Music, Dictionary, editor -- is designed to help you to do this effectively. For native Chinese speakers, I hope that the Bible text will aid you in your studies, the songs will aid you in your praise and the dictionary will help you to do this bi- or tri-lingually! With the final result of you coming closer to the Father.

To order a CD, please contact us either through the internet or via mail at the address given above.

Components of this Software

1. Holy Bible (VS 1.0 Released 2007.11.18)

  1. Chinese Characters (Chinese Union Version, gb-2312 encoding)
  2. Romanized Chinese (Chinese Union Version, Hanyu pinyin)
  3. Chinese Bible w/ pinyin & English translation appearing on status bar
  4. English (King James Version)
  5. English (Basic English Version)
  6. Spanish (SEV)
  7. System Requirements: (1) An internet browser that supports files are written in HTML4.0. (i.e. Internet Explorer (IE) versions > 5.0). If you are using versions of IE or Netscape Navigator < 6.0, You need to copy all files to harddrive and then erase files with extension .css. (2) The ability to view Chinese characters in your browser. (generally available from as a free download from your browser supplier)[see FAQ].

2. Chinese Christian Carols and Hymns(vs 1.0 2008.07.01)

3. Search the Bible using Hanyu Pinyin or English (CD only)

This feature is, unfortunately, only currently available after you have copied the software from a CD, then this flash animation walks you through the process, step-by-step. (It is not available on the website, as I do not have time to rewrite the ANSI-C code to run on a server. )

4. Chinese editor (CD only)

5. Chinese <-> English Dictionary (currently not available)

The dictionary is designed to help you quickly find most words in Biblical and common daily usage. Considerable effort has been made to include words found in hymns and the Bible. The dictionary is searchable by entering: System requirements: MS-DOS based operating system (i.e. Windows)

6. Other Components, Items (on optional CD)

Feedback and Information

Your feedback is appreciated. If you have suggestions for improving this software collection, please contact me (AiZhu @ If you have songs which you would like to add to this collection, and they are not under copyright, please send them to me for inclusion in this collection. I hope that in the future we can put more and more Chinese Christian songs and literature on computer for his glory.

For information on updates and new releases to this software, please join our mailing list at

© AiZhu formerly Zhong Ri Jia Mei (ZRJM) email: AiZhu @
- "With a Servant's Heart" -
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