Chinese Christian Fellowship Theme Song
As people of the CCF,
we've a mission to fulfill,
To reach out to those on campus,
And to do His Holy will!
To go out and tell someone
about God's loving plan
that He sent His Son, To die for them,
so that they might live again!
God bless our C-C-F (bless our CCF)
Lord lead our C-C-F (lead our CCF)
And teach us what you want us to do,
May all we say (all we say and do) and do,
Be pleasing un-to you| (pleasing unto you)
We live because of you!
As brothers and sisters,
we've a vision in our heart,
To tell others about Jesus,
as we do our different parts,
to tell them there's a God who cares
more than anyone can!
That He's our King, that He's our Lord,
and He's our greatest friend!